My Story and The Plan

Hi, my name is J Brian (group responds HI J BRIAN). I am FAT. I have been for most of my adult life.

I will be A Fat Boy No More.

Three years ago I started a journey to become A Fat Boy No More. And since September 2007 I have been publishing my success and failures. This Blog follows me from the day I first started my weight loss journey and it focuses on the everyday struggles that people with weight problems have.

Prepare yourself for a very real and very challenging event in my life. I commit to being as honest and as clear as I can be in the webpage to chronicle my ongoing battle with my weight. The pictures can be explicit.

After 12 years of being bigger than I should be... ok lets just be honest. I was not big I was fat. I have been over weight and muscular for most of my adult life. But the muscular part has been over shadowed by a large layer of fat on my body. I've eaten too much and I lived a sedentary life. In December 2006 I weighed 320 pounds. The morning I weighed myself and saw that I was over 300 pounds I essentially went into a deep depression that day and I am sure that I ate another 5 pounds worth of food. But that night I decided that enough was enough. My weight problem had become more than just an appearance problem it became a health problem, a self esteem problem and it was starting to affect my business and income. I had to do something. And I had to be held accountable. Technology is a good thing. I decided I had to put it out there. I started texting everyone in cell phone saying "Officially a fat ass now I weigh 300". I had been lying forever and telling people that I was 250. And no one questioned it.

The first step I took was to hit the gym and cut my calories. I looked on webmd and found out how many calories there where in a pound (3500) and decided to create this formula to determine how many calories and how much extra exercise I had to do to lose 60 pounds by May 27th. My annual trip to Key West Florida. By February I had lost 25 pounds. On a plan that was essentially the same thing that Weight Watchers teaches you. Then life hit me. After being so good I just got tired of it. I had no real support structure. And so I just relapsed because I was on a diet. Not a life change. But between March and August I essentially maintained my weight loss. In April I got a part time job working in a restaurant as a bartender. Everyone thinks I was crazy to do that but the truth is I just needed something to make me active. I needed to get off my lazy fat ass and be active. I gave up sweet tea and I stopped eating beef for the most part. I chose bison. Which taste so similar and has a familiar texture but had half the calories. Nothing else really changed.

But I did not lose the weight I wanted. When I was in Key West I looked like a beached whale and I felt horrible. I have a picture from that trip that show the folds of fat on my back. I was so depressed after that trip. So I essentially just maintained until late July when my best friend Michelle told me that a guy we both worked with a few years back had lost a lot of weight thru some medical weight loss plan.

I kinda brushed it off. I was looking into Lap Band or some other surgery. Then another friend of mine saw Brad as well and said Brad has lost a lot of weight. So I called Brad and he told me about the plan thru Emory Hospital. I went to an info session on the plan and decided to enroll.

Before you consider any type of surgery please look into medically managed weight loss. IT WORKS. Your doctor or the Bariatrics department of your local university hospital can direct you. Too many of my friends had surgery and lost a lot of weight and regained it. Even with a smaller stomach you can eat ice cream all the time and gain it back. I have a friend that just did that.

So this is what I did initially. Follow my blog posts from the beginning and see the transformation.


Don't give up today because you fucked up yesterday.

31 December 2010

Auld Lang Syne

It's the last day of 2010- the Decade is over.

And what a decade has this been. Professionally I have seen huge success and huge failure, and the beginning of a recovery.

Heath wise I have seen a slightly over weight guy become an absolute whale of a person, and I have taken my body and health back.

Politically the US has seen huge tragedy in 9/11, a drawn out set of wars that haunt us, a huge economic expansion and one of the longest recessions in recent history.

The Fat Boy sang. 2010 and the decade is done. Wrap it up and put it away. Our successes can be remembered our failures can be regretted. Put them away.


Tomorrow begins a new decade a new year and a new set of opportunities. What has been done is done. It may have to be dealt with but you cannot dwell on it. Mistakes make us wiser (often fatter and poorer as well). And you will make mistakes... it is human. Wisdom is the treasure we can take from mistakes.

Wisdom is a tool that is often overlooked today. Knowledge in whatever category makes us better. And I am a far better man than I was on January 1 2001 (I did have more hair however).

January 1 2011

I resolve...

Eat Less
Waste less
Judge less
Hate less

Laugh more
Smile more
Give more
Make more
Love more
Read more
Blog more
Walk more
Do more


I love you all

13 December 2010

NO NO NO Weight Loss Surgery

Since I have this blog and I am very active on Facebook and other social media sites regarding my weight I have the pleasure of hearing from many people regarding their personal struggles and their successes. I can honestly say the happiest moment for me is when someone says... " read your profile a year ago and I've lost 42 pounds (or 10 or 140). Many bypass my success and I can not be happier.

The saddest thing I hear is " I think I am going to have XYZ surgery". Plastic or cosmetic surgery is one thing and it is Cosmetic. You will not really lose any POUNDS from it... you will tighten or improve the look of a body part...I've not done this but as I age I will have no problem with doing so. What I am saddest about is when someone has gastric bypass or lap band.

I can name 5 personal friends and you have some to I bet who have had these surgeries and after as little as three years they start putting on the fat. Look at Carnie Wilson. Her recent tweet was "I am fat as f*ck". She lost more than 150 pounds and has gained a significant portion back. Please do not respond and say... but I'm going to have lap band. It's not permanent. Surgery is not your best option for weight management. PERIOD At 600 pounds do it. Hell I'll support that.

What has been my success?

First- I am successful because I heard one very important comment my doctor made to me. I told her, " I just don't want to have to think about what I eat anymore" She looked at me with the most sincere response... "then you plan to fail?"

I was shocked but I understood. Weight management for those of us who have "challenges" is LIFE LONG. My friends will tell you... I do not eat like a rabbit. I eat what I want but I have learned valuable lessons. I monitor my weight, I make it my business to understand my body. I make it my business to understand what I eat. Could I lose more?... yes. Do I want to lose more?...yep. Will I lose more? Absolutely.

Can anyone succeed with what I have done. YES YOU CAN.

Emory and the Optifast Program taught me invaluable lessons. Anyone can lose weight. It's a pretty basic mathematical problem. Calories consumed- Calories used= Gain or Loss. But I learned how to eat, how to manage food. How to manage me. How to say NO. That starving children in Africa are not going to get the leftover food on my plate anyway. The most important thing I took from Emory/Optifast was not the 60 pounds or so that I shed in the actual plan It was the knowledge.

By the way. I am not at my lowest weight in the last 3 years. I am about 10 pounds over were I have been be and about 30 pounds more than I want to be. I have the tools to get there. Knowledge my friends, is half the battle.

Join me in my last 30 pounds? And please stop considering Lap band unless you are more than 450 pounds. Talk to your doctor. Contact the local Bariatrics Department of your local hospital or University. If they start out with surgery, go to another.

Find out your options. After you lose weight naturally then you can look into cosmetic surgery- you might not need it. Or you might either way you have taken control of your WEIGHT Management.

01 December 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...


This time of year is extremely challenging to those of us who have issues with our weight. Food is everywhere. Thanksgiving, Parties, Christmas, Hannakah, New Year's, and personally I think everyone I know has a birthday in November or December. Including me. Sometimes we attack our weight with a strong offense but sometimes we just have adopt a strong DEFENSE.

This time of year...DEFENSE!!!

08 November 2010

Twinkie Diet?

People ask me about weight loss all the time. I have a set of eating habits that I feel are the best for ME. I think that most people could do well with my plan but I also realize that I love to eat sweets and drink beer and cheese cake was placed here my the gods themselves. But weight loss is truly all about calories.

My step-dad lost as much weight as I have or more on the "cookie diet" and today CNN published an article about a man who ate twinkies and ding dongs and lost 27 pounds. Link attached.

Calories control equals weight loss. Long term health is determined by what you eat, how much you eat determines how big that tire around your midsection is.

05 November 2010

Long time Old Friend

It has been 5 months since my last update... a bit too long.

What have I been doing?

I moved from Decatur to Midtown Atlanta. I am now 2 blocks from the gym and 7 blocks from Piedmont Park. I am preparing for a return to my career path. Over the last three years I have focused almost exclusively on my health. my sabbatical is coming to an end.

Health wise what am I doing... Eating a bit too much... It happens but its does not make me happy.

What has made me happy? I am walking about 6 miles almost everyday. Piedmont and Midtown and even downtown Atlanta are great places to walk during the day. Walking can be boring. So I have a solution to that boredom. Audio Books!!! In the last 5 months I have "read" about 30 books. Classics like Orwell's 1984 and Bram Stokers Dracula and Mary Shelly's Dracula. To modern favorite Authors from Anne Rice and Gregory MacGuire, and Ian Flemming to Steig Larson and his Millennium Trilogy (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

Walking and Audio Books are my new passions. More to come soon.

23 June 2010


This morning we bypassed the park and boot camp met at the Atlanta Kick Studio's on Miami Circle.

I really enjoyed the workout today as I did last month. In 45 mins I got my as kicked. I really have a major problem with lifting my leg up high. I am just not that flexible. I need to look into ways of becoming a little more flexible.

15 June 2010

Operation Boot Camp Day 2

Today was our first day in the park for June. It's hot in this place. I cannot believe just how hot it is and it really changes the workout.

Last month we sweated a lot and we got wet from the dew. There is very little dew on the ground but I was drenched with sweat today. My shirt weighed at least 5 pounds more than it did when I started and I was ringing the moisture out of it all morning.

The workout focused on legs with a few exercises for biceps and backs. I'll have to say I was very glad it had less cardio than normal. Hydration is key in this heat.

I've never liked energy drinks (they are full of sugar) but after the workout I bought a Powerade to replenish electrolytes. It made a huge difference. I'm going to try out a few different kinds. Gatorade. G2. Powerade. Powerade Zero and see how each works for me.

Tomorrow is homework day. I'll let you know what I decide to do.

I'm also going to try out the Esporta Health Club today. It's a few blocks away from my new apartment. I'm moving in a few weeks.

14 June 2010

Operation Boot Camp Pt. Deux Day 1

I have to say I'm impressed with myself. Day one of boot camp for rookies is a PT test. I did not realise that the experienced campers could skip the PT test and there is a workout provided for the veteran campers.

Because I was not able to complete boot camp last month. I definatly wanted to do the PT test.

There are 4 categories. A mile run. Then a minute of each of the following. Pushups. Situps. And tricep dips. Pushups I improved by a few. Bench dips I was exactly the same and situps I went from 6 to 36. I'm happy. But my biggest improvement came with the mile run. Last month I ran a mile in 9:26 today I ran it in 8:36. I could not be happier. Last month it was 65 degree and no humidity today it was 83 and relatively high humidity.

Fat boy is learning to run. And all thanks to Operation Boot Camp.

13 June 2010

Operation Boot Camp Part Deux

The last week of OBC did not end as I wanted it to. And that was all beyond my control. Tomorrow begins my second month of Boot Camp. In the last two weeks since I last went there have been some improvements. I have worked to increase my running speed and I have hit the gym hard working my abs.

We will see how this pays dividends this time around. Have a great weekend. And look for my posts about OBC PD.

02 June 2010

Walking Pneumonia puts the breaks on Boot Camp

Many people may be aware of traditional pneumonia, which is a serious infection of the lungs. If a person gets regular pneumonia, they will need hospitalization in order to get themselves healthy again. And yet, there is a type of pneumonia that is as harmless as a flu. It is called walking pneumonia. What is walking pneumonia? Walking pneumonia is a relatively minor lung infection that is caused by the Mycoplasma pneumoniae organism.

And the fat boy has it. I have been suffering with this Saturday of Sunday. I seem to be getting better and I am still working but I am not able to breath so running has been put on hold.

I cannot tell you the anger I feel at the moment. There are only two days left in Boot Camp and I am pretty sure I will not be able to go tomorrow and I doubt seriously that I will be able to go the final day which is Friday. Failure is the feeling I have but I can't really help what I am going thru.

I have signed up for the class beginning in June 14th so I will continue my blogging then If I am not able to complete this Camp.

28 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp (OBC) Day 18 and 19

Thursday was Bring a Friend day. I did not invite anyone this month but I already have someone interested in next month's boot camp Bring a Friend Day. It was busy there had to have been 50 people. We did workouts themes around Top GUN. It was hokie but entertaining. Lots of relays and changing of stations doing different exercises. I like it because it was on a flat surface.

In general hills don't bother me. But for the last few days my right lower leg calf and shin have been aching. So this was a bit of a relief.

Today's ground had more instructors than campers. I kid you not. It's also the day before Memorial Day Weekend. So I was not surprised. Today we played a modified soccer game. I liked it... I LIKED it a lot. I won't go into details about the game but I will say a little direct competition was good.

I have not been to the gym this week at all. I think I will hit it tomorrow. We are not having boot camp makeup days this weekend and we will not meet this Monday due to the holiday. So next week we have boot camp Tuesday thru Friday. We will also have a makeup day on Monday the 7th for the day we missed due to lightning. With the end of the third week a friend of mine asked me how i felt about the plan. The answer is simple. I signed up for next month's Boot Camp already. I have come a long way and I have a long way to go. I still need to improve my sit ups.

26 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp (OBC) Day 17

Good Morning Campers

The best laid plans of mice and men. Last night I did everything to prepare for Boot Camp today. I go my clothes ready. I made a yogurt parfait as my post workout meal...something I can eat immediately after I get in the car so I can get some fiber and protein in my diet. And I made my own Iced Cafe Americano. I have an old cheap espresso/ capachino maker and I bought some Cafe Verona beans from Starbucks. I grind my own beans to order.

I woke up at 5AM went to the bathroom, started the coffee and then I made a big mistake... I laid back down. I woke up at 5:30 and rushed to get to the park in time. I had to park an extra block away. UGH And i showed up at 5:55. I was not happy. And I think being late is just purely disrespectful to the program. I am NEVER LATE for anything.

So today we did 21 Gun Salute which is an arm and upper body workout. I was glad we were doing that because we have spent so much time doing legs this last week and a half. We used bands. Again I am becoming a bigger fan of bands than I thought I would be. I should probably us the next level down. I can use the heaviest band but my form is starting to get a little sloppy. And my right shoulder just seems to give out with the heaviest band. PRIDE is a bitch. But a broken (recovered) clavicle, and Thoracic outlet syndrome are very real. I will say my workouts are helping with those problems significantly.

Here is the recipe for my yogurt parfait. Take a cup of low fat or fat free yogurt. Take a whole strawberry and cut it up. If you are using an unflavored yogurt you may want to add some artificial sweetener and a little vanilla extract to give it some flavor. Then add a 1/4 cup of a cereal like Kashi Go Lean CRUNCH. or my personal favorite Post Great Grains "Crunchy Pecan". I am sure i could find cereal with less sugar but it's what I like. Kroger has CARBSMART Yogurt which has very little sugar at all. Calories are less than 320 Calories for LOW Fat and about 250 for NO Fat yogurt. You could use other fruits as well. Just what ever you like. Starbucks has yogurt parfaits if you need a quick option. Calories are in the upper 350-375 range.

For extra protein use Greek Yogurt. YUMMMMMMM

25 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp Day 16

It's been a few days since my last blog entry. Sunday was a good and restful day. Monday I had the best workout I've seen so far.

The exercises were all based on using jump ropes. I have a hard time jumping rope. There is a lot of force going on and my timing always seems to get off a little. The funny thing is I actually bought a jump rope a few weeks ago. It's safely unused in the back of my suv.

So the rope swinging part had me off but the jumping and movement I thought went well. Lots of good cardio.

I felt and looked strong. And a number of comments were made to that fact. Monday is my day off. I had a good breakfast with a buddy of mine and then I thought I'd enjoy the rest of my day off.

Until I had lunch and ate some leftover chicken curry. I assume there was some MSG in the curry because I became lethargic and tired.

I slept most of the day away.

This morning was another story. The workout for day 16 was called airborne ranger. It reminded me alot of the workout from day 1. Lots of relays however most of the relays were not on flat surfaces they were on hills. Honestly I think I ran more today than I ever have before. When I woke up this morning I felt tired still and it was everything I could do to wake up and get to the park. And I was later than I usually am but I made it on time.

Yesterday I felt strong today I felt weak. But I made it thru. I just learned I'm not a big fan of hills.

23 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp Day 13.

I slept too late for the optional Saturday workout. And I needed it. My age must be showing. My legs are achey.
I find it hard to "not workout". So I went to the gym and did a lower body and arm workout.

My non bootcamp workouts are Very intense. Much more so than they've ever been before.

As I write this it's Sunday morning and I am having breakfast at the Thumbs Up diner in Decatur. Today I am staying away from the gym. I'm just going to enjoy this beautiful day. Take my dog to the park. Maybe ride my Valkyrie.

Relaxing is hard.

21 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp Day 12

Lightning. And there was no boot camp.

At the last minute. 5:50 lightning was seen in the area. I figured they were going to call it off and they did. Right after a car almost hit me while crossing 10th street. I would usually be pissed but the visability was horrible and I'm sure he could not see the red light.

But you know what? The sound of a car skreeeeeeching to a halt and realizing it was inches from your leg when he did stop was enough to get my heart racing.

Thank goodness for german engineered brakes.

So there I was wide awake and wet at 6 AM. What to do? Oh the Majestic Diner sounds nice. Or I could be good and hit LA Fitness.

In lieu of Boot Camp I did my normal upper body workout. Recently I've been doing that for my homework. Saturday in the park there is a make up day for those who miss Boot Camp. Or for those sadists who want it 6 days a week. I'll go to that tomorrow. Just trading my workout days. This week.

A big observation with today's workout. On the good side. I can lift more since I started OBC and I have more energy in my workouts. On the bad side (kinda) there is no pump without the cardio component that I get from Boot Camp.

Have a great day and stay dry.

20 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp (OBC) Day 11

Today was the most difficult workout so far...and by far. It was called Altitude Adjustment. AND in the end it was the messiest.

I'm not sure if its because this is the 4th day in a row this week or if its because I was tired... I did not want to get up... or because it was EXTRA WET today but everything about this workout was just hard. They say this is a week 4 workout... yeah I can't see it getting much harder.

Today we ran up and down hills up and down steps relay style... and we ran all over the park. Running non stop for essentially 45 minutes.

The workout ended with encouragement. A set of various push ups then rolling over on the ground into a set of various crunches/sit ups. We did 6 or 7 sets of those.

I thought it was funny because I was thinking how relatively clean we were until encouragement...Thanks for changing that Kevin. Piedmont is aerating and all those little plugs of dirt are everywhere. NASTY MUDDY FILTHY.

In comparison to most of the workouts where I am in the middle of the pack I was hangin' with the back of the crowd today... And to give you a follow up to yesterday's KickBoxing Class... I still feel it.

Body changes... I'm getting tighter. One of the girls I work with saw me yesterday and said "Are you losing more weight" the simple answer is no but I'm trading in the fat. I love my tight tummy.

19 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp Day 10

Kickboxing. You know I love watching Mixed Martial Arts. And you wonder how those guys get in the awesome shape they are in? All was solved today. Kickboxing at Atlanta Kick is offered as an option for one of our homework days. It's not actually a homework day but it was a break fro
the park.

I learned a lot today. And specifically I learned that I am not that flexible. After the ass workout yesterday. My legs and glutes were sore. And today they are even more so.

I think I may take a few more kickboxing classes. I really enjoyed the workout. I'm sure my legs and calves will be screaming later.

Hope all is well.

18 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp (OBC) Day 9


That's basically what I have to say about today's workout. It was called Guerrilla Glutes or Butt Buster. For some reason they did not think Butt Buster is a good name. It's very accurate however.

We ran and ran and ran. Running is a big part of OBC. And we all know how much I hate running. But that's where all the cardio is coming from.

We used bands today around our ankles and lower thighs to do our workouts. I really wish I had pictures of all that we do... You would be surprised.

This afternoon I did my upper body workout at LA Fitness.

Tomorrow is KICKBOXING day at Atlanta Kick.

I am really looking forward to that workout.

Hope all is well.


17 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp Week 2

Well week one is complete. I attempted rollerblading for my "homework" Sunday. The cheap blades I had went in the trash. So instead I walked at Peidmont. It was a beautiful day.

So week two began this morning. Our workouts were leg intense today. I'll do my chest workout this afternoon.

It was wet this morning and humid. My legs are aching and sore. I'll have to take a picture one morning to give you an idea of how messy we get.

Today I also participated in "encouragement". It is a little extra. According to my friend Lee who was an instructor it used to be called Punishment. It was not that big of a deal. It was just 5 minutes of extra work. And you know. I'm glad I did it.

This week is a full week of Boot Camp. Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday in Peidmont. And Wednesday we will be kickboxing at Atlanta Kick in Buckhead. I'm looking forward to that.

15 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp (OBC) Day 6

Saturday and Sunday are considered homework days. OBC offers an optional workout on Saturdays so you can use that for homework. I chose to do my normal upper body workout at the gym.

I am very happy about my progress this week. I have a weak right wrist I injured it as a child and it always causes me problems. But today my wrist was stronger than it has in probably 20 years.

Tomorrow I am planing to do something at the park as my homework. Stay tuned for details.

14 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp (OBC) Day 5

They said its one week down. But in my opinion its not. Sunday will be one week down.

And what a grueling week this has been. I am sore I am in pain. I need to find some more sleep in my day... I could not be happier.

Today's fun filled activities involved a lot of upper body exercises along with some bicep work. Also plenty of running and running and more running. MOST exercises involved animal names. Inch worms, bear crawls, and crab walks. Yeah I think I hate worms and bears and crabs.

When I was a yungin' I hurt my right wrist. I'm not sure what happened but I have a small scar and I have some limited flexibility. I can use it most of the time but my wrist gets tired. And the crab walk definitely takes it's toll on my wrist. I'll survive but I think I will make a point of wrapping that wrist in the future.

I see a little progress in myself everyday. My legs truly hurt but they hurt a little less everyday. I also need to work on core exercises. Exercises that work the muscles in our lower torso, abs and obligues and lower back. I admit I am week in this department. I will add some additional ab work to my day outside of Boot Camp to improve my core and get that 2 pack... and then maybe a 4 and then... I can dream of a I'm not going there...YET!!!

There is an optional workout Saturday mornings at the late hour of 830. Weekends are homework days. I have not decided if I'll go to Boot Camp Saturday or do my normal upper body routine at the gym. If I go in the morning I will move my upper body routine to Sunday.

The food plan is going well. However, I do not agree with some of the basic ideas that the Instructors are taught. Iceberg lettuce seems to be hated. And you know Iceberg has nutritional value but it also has no calories. Well there are 15 to 20 in a 1/4 wedge. Some things I eat are for filler. So I won't be hungry. I do feel that my knowledge of food and nutritional values makes me much better in tuned that the average camper. I have to remind most people that lettuce in general has little value. Iceberg, Romain, Red Leaf--- Very little value. It's a filler. I eat it to keep from being overly hungry. Green beans are pretty empty as well.

I'll let you know what I decide about Saturday's workout.

Thanks for your support.

J Brian

13 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp (OBC) Day 4

You know I don't think I will ever get the smell of grass and mud out of my nose.

This morning I woke at 5am I took my motorcycle to the park. That's the bast way to wake up in the morning. Wind in your face. The smell of the engine and oil and gas as I'm riding to Piedmont. Once I was there I had to finish my food log for Wednesday. I think I'm doing well with the eating plan but I was reminded to include a protein with all carbs. Some of my snacks are half a sweet potato. Maybe I'll boil some actual eggs to have with my snacks. I normally use eggbeaters.

Today we did Guts and Guns. That's Boot Camp talk for Abs and Biceps. We spread our workouts thru-out the park. Running from place to place. I bought insoles for my shoes yesterday but forgot to cut them down for this mornings workout. I will be more prepared tomorrow. Crunches, sit ups, leg raises and oblique crunches made up a significant portion of the GUTS workouts. By the time this is over, I may have a two pack at least.

The GUNS portion of the workout involved the use of bands. I have never been a fan of bands, but I am very impressed with the workout they gave me.

I saw a number of other groups today in the park. Some were other OBC groups and others were similar programs.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the end of week one. There is an optional workout saturday at 815. I have not decided whether or not I'm going to go but I am considering it.

Thanks for your Support

To my facebook friends, There seems to be a problem with the feed from blogger to facebook. So there may be a delay in my notes updates if you are following this on facebook.

12 May 2010

Day 3 of Operation Boot Camp

Today is a homework day... so I slept in a bit and did my homework. Homework in Boot Camp is some physical activity of our choice.

My homework days will be used for lifting. I have a fairly large chest and I love resistance training. So I will continue working out my upper body on those days. You get plenty of lower body work in Boot Camp. My chest and back workout today was intense and lasted about 80 minutes. Not a lot of cardio activity.

I'm following the food plan which is eating 5 to 6 small meals during the day versus a fewer larger meals. If you look back to the beginning of the blog you know I have no problems doing that. I'll post some of my food snacks/meals on my next homework day.

My calves are sore as hell.

11 May 2010

Day 2 of Operation "Fat Boy" I mean Boot Camp

As I sit here and write this I can smell the wet grass on my hands and body; and I feel the aching in my calves and sides starting. And I feel accomplished today and it is only 7:30 AM.

After yesterday's disappointing results I am happy to say that today I got my ass kicked by the instructors and not by my stomach.

This morning was the first day we met in Piedmont Park for Operation Boot Camp. Well for the 7 or 8 virgin campers at least. There are about 40 people in our overall group.

Today's exercise started with a run from the Charles Allen gate to the large hill that overlooks Lake Clara Meer. Once we were there we did some "really gay looking" warm up movements. After you've done the warm ups you have had a workout that most don't do in a normal day.

We proceeded to our stations to do relays... yes you remember relays you did them in Phys Ed, with that masculine looking coach that had a butch haircut and really big legs and you know she played softball, from elementary school. But these exercises were not nearly as easy and no you could not just stand. I am not a runner and yes I hate HATE HATE to run. But that's what I did.

The first set of relays involved running back and forth between cones, then repeat, then the second set involved lunges and pushups, and repeat, the last one involved "mission impossibles" essentially squatting side steps and mountain climber jumping jacks and repeat.

There is no down time. NONE. You get a full 45 min to and hour of work out.

I remember training for Football in high school. I played less than a season due to a shoulder injury. At the time I could not imagine why in the hell anyone would want to work out as we did then. Today I was happy to revisit those feelings especially at the end of the workout the only difference was I was not doing blocking drills with a guy that was twice my size. How fun would Boot Camp be if it was full contact? HMMMMM

I feel great.


10 May 2010

Operation Boot Camp Day One

I am about to die. LOL

OK so this is how today should have gone for my first day PT test.

I went to bed at a reasonable time of 1030 after having a nice but light dinner. I slept comfortably and woke up at 4:45 to get to the orientation for boot camp at 5:30. I was active and attentive in orientation. I completed my run without walking...I did 45 push ups in 60 seconds 30 plus sit ups and a large number of dips and felt worn out when I left...

But this is what actually happened.

I went to bed at some time after 1130 after eating a Ponce Picnic (a cheese burger, chili cheese dog and fries) at the Majestic Diner... after having a few two many VO and Ginger ales. I have no idea how many...I woke up at 2 am with glitter in my chest hair-don't ask I have no idea. I was on top of my covers in full clothes I could not go back to sleep... My stomach was having none of that.

At 5 am I got dressed and went to stomach hates me by the way. I knew a number of the instructors. So I felt worse about the fact that I was not good last night. It was supposed to be a drink or two before my 30 days of a liquor free life. Yeah that did not happen. So we started out the warm up with a bunch of squats and exercises that seemed overly gay at first... but they kicked my ass. And did I say My stomach hates me...

And then came the run... I hate running. I can't breath thru my nose easily. In Atlanta there is a road called Miami Circle which houses a number of designer showcases. The road itself has a horrible incline. I would not want to walk it much less run it. But I did. One mile. I ran down the hill and back up. One mile in 9min 25 seconds. Not bad for a fat boy that hates to run and really could not run until a few years ago. Oh and did I mention the war my stomach started with me...

Then on to the other tests... there are three. Each is how many X can you do in a minute. Push ups--not usually a problem...Sit ups... HATE them worse than running, and triceps dips. I can normally do a bunch of dips. But the stomach had other plans. I did about 36 push ups. I've done better before. I did 21 sit ups/crunches. And then all hell broke lose with my stomach... No dips for me. I'll have to time myself tomorrow after Boot Camp so I have a decent starting point to compare.

Day one I will grade myself a D. Mostly because I was STUPID and did not do what I know I should have done. I am happy about the running results. Other than that, I did not set myself up to succeed. That is all my fault. Tomorrow I'll give you some information about the log book and the eating plan... Food sounds horrible at the moment. Damn stomach and damn yummy Canadian Whisky.

And by the way the stomach is still waging war.

03 May 2010

Boot Camp is around the corner

Monday May 10th I will start Operation Boot Camp. (link is on the blog).

I am really excited about this addition to my workout regimen. I get easily bored with any cardio program. Running has got to be the most boring thing I can do. Its really good for my "trim ness" as long as I take it easy on my knees but I cannot seem to stay focused when it comes to running.

The campers that are already involved with boot camp seem to love it. The variety is what I look forward to.

I've signed up for morning boot camp. For me this will work best. Personally I try to workout with the smallest amount of food in my stomach. I seem to have better workouts with all the blood flow going to my muscles versus going to my stomach. So the morning workouts will work best for me. The biggest adaptation will be getting up at 5 am.

I am trying to adapt my sleeping habits this week to make it easier for me next week.

Have a great day.

25 April 2010

What to do?

You know in the last three and a half years I have spent a significant amount of time focusing on my weight loss and my health. I have learned a lot and been very successful with maintaining and "correcting" myself when I slip. It is time to make some changes however. A big change? No. A significant change? Yes

Thank you to Patrick Platt who has convinced me to join Operation Boot Camp. According to the website Operation Boot Camp is "30-day specially-designed, outdoor fitness boot camp program that energizes and encourages, that lifts you up and doesn't knock you down".

Take a look at to get a good idea of what I'll be doing.

I am committing to blogging daily during this program.

I will also publish before and after pictures and stats.

More to come soon...

09 April 2010

Hell It's been a long time since I posted...

Working on my c25k training this quarter. It always seems to keep my weight in check even tho I really hate to run. It's pollen season in Georgia... so we suffer a little bit. I have received a number of "have you lost more weight comments?" The simple answer is no the more complex answer is... FAT yes weight no. I am building a lot of muscle. My legs and chest are getting much bigger. I am pleased with the results. I would still like to hit 220 and then 210.

One step at a time tho. 220 here I come.

08 March 2010

Approaching the half way point

LentFast is a 46 day program. It has seen some mixed results. Mostly because of the once a week "day off". There are 25 days left in the program. I've decided to make a change. And that change is the elimination of the weekly "day off". I will allow myself to enjoy St Paddy's Day with my Guinness and such but I will forgo any other day's off until the completion of the plan.

I have not seen the results I want and this will help me get there.

25 February 2010

A little disturbing data

Day 8 Complete

I have to say I am in love with my latest breakfast creation.

Yukon Baked Omelet (in the microwave) 200- 250 Calories
2-3 ounces of raw or smoked salmon
1/4 cup of chopped tomato
1/4 cup chopped spinach (thawed if frozen)
3 egg beaters
1 teaspoon fat free cream cheese

Take a small glass microwave safe bowl coat it with cooking spray
add the first 4 ingredients to the dish making sure to chop or flake the salmon
using a spoon mix the ingredients well
breakup the cream cheese and mix it in

Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes
let sit for 30 seconds and microwave for another 1-2 minutes.

After the glass has cooled a minute or so take a plate and place it over the bowl so you can flip the contents from the bowl to the plate. Garnish with fresh herbs or parsley or nothing at all.


23 February 2010

Week one down...

six and a half to go. I have been working on a few new breakfast and salad dressing recipes. I'll be sharing them and I plan to release a few videos in the next few weeks.

Lots of good stuff coming soon.

Comments welcome and appreciated.

Day 5 and 6

Sunday I made a chicken stir fry with brown rice. It was very good and it was only about 500 calories. It was a great day and I had an awesome workout. Beautiful day in Decatur.

Monday I had an awesome egg beaters omelet with tomatoes and salmon. I had BBQ Salmon lunch and roasted chicken for dinner.

Tomorrow I'm having a spinach and salmon omelet for breakfast. I'll let you know how that goes.

By the way. There will be no online weight tracking until the end of LentFast April 2, 201o.

20 February 2010

Day 4 LentFast

Day Three was good. No gym workout.

It seems to be getting easier to eat as I expand the menu a little. Chicken is boring. But I am using as many different seasoning to make it better...or different. Yesterday I had a some grits and egg beaters for breakfast, for lunch I had chicken breast for lunch with a sweet potato and a asparagus and some slices of tomatoes. For dinner I had sauteed chicken strips with asian seasoning (0 cal) with stir fried veggies and 1/2 cup of rice. Calories are less than 1500.

I went to out last night and had soda water... tasty.

The weight is coming off nicely. I'm happy.

19 February 2010

Day Three of Lent Fast

Day Two was a success again. Sweet Potato for breakfast. Moe's streaker with chicken for lunch. And roasted chicken with green beans for dinner. About 1500 calories.

Great chest workout

18 February 2010

Day two of LentFast 2010

Day 1 was successful. The cleanse is on.

For breakfast I ate a sweet potato, at lunch I ate a piece of North Atlantic Cod broiled on a cedar plank with tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar, roasted asparagus and a sweet potato. For dinner I ate a half roasted chicken with green beans. The cod did not have enough flavor so we will have to look at ways of adding some flavor, but its really low in calories about 30 calories per ounce.

I drank a bunch of water. Total calories 1490.

46 days to go.

16 February 2010

40 days and no what? Carnival it is...

Today is Mardi Gras or Carnival (which means farewell to meat). Today is the last day before the season of Lent. Lent is the 40 days not including Sundays leading up to Good Friday. In many Christian faiths especially those that were in existence prior to the 1500s observe this season. I do not consider myself an overly religious person but the idea of Lent appeals to me. Lent is a season of soul-searching and repentance. It is a season for reflection and taking stock.

Lent originated in the very earliest days of the church as a preparatory time for Easter, when the faithful rededicated themselves and when converts were instructed in the faith and prepared for baptism. By observing the forty days of Lent, the individual Christian imitates Jesus’ withdrawal into the wilderness for forty days.

Many people fast during Lent. There are many types of fasting. If you look back at OctoberFast. I essentially limited myself and it cleansed my body and helped take some significant weight off.

I have observed Lent for the last 16 years. Usually I give up one or two food items or categories. Usually it's Beef and Potatoes. But I don't eat that much beef in the first place so that is really not something to "give up" So how can I take the ideas of Lent... a time of reflection and taking stock in my health and weight and adapt it for my benefit.

This year I am taking Lent much deeper than I have before. Here are my rules for Lent Fast.

Abstaining from red meat, milk, butter, and cheese (fat free cheese is allowed).

Abstaining from bread (flour), white potatoes, and sugar

Abstaining from liquor, beer, and wine (except once a week)

So practically what does this mean?

It means I can eat veggies (except white potatoes), fish and other seafood, chicken, eggs. I can have beer but I'm limiting that to one day per week. No batter fried foods.

This is a very clean diet. I plan for it to help with my ultimate goal of 210.

In Lent you are only fasting 6 days a week. (you don't count Sundays) But for my LentFast I am fasting from the most unhealthy foods. My "Sunday" is not a specific day of the week. It's the one day per week I can have whatever I want. SHHH St Paddy's day is March 17th. I will be having a few Guinness that day.

I'll enjoy Carnival today and tomorrow I'm starting my LentFast.

Follow me for daily updates.

A little warning...

Yesterday a young friend of mine did something I think was incredibly silly. He decided he wanted to get in shape so he ran for 4 miles (I actually doubt he did that) and he took a bunch of diet pills. Diet pills are a horrible idea for weight loss. Avoid them and any type of wonder DRUG for appetite control.

He ended up in the hospital. He is alive and well but he could have caused major damage to his liver and heart. Please do not do silly things like this. The best energy drink is COFFEE. I drink Iced Cafe Americano when I work out. I use a no calorie sweetener. No milk or cream.

13 February 2010

Healthy Weight Loss requires a good mechanic.

I was chatting with someone today about weight control and weight loss. He has a bad back and so the gym is not a good options for him to lose weight. In the same sentence he mentioned that he wanted to have lap band surgery. I thought save your money/insurance for back surgery or a good chiropractor.

I have been and always will be a HUGE opponent of surgery to correct weight problems. I'm not talking about liposuction, which is about vanity. I'm talking about gastric bypass and lap band.

Both options are a bit too much for most people. If you are 5'6 and weight 400. Then go for it. But most of us just eat too much and we live sedentary lives. We are lazy. And by lazy we have taken the easy way out. AND lap band/bypass is just continuing that laziness. You MUST understand what makes you fat. You MUST make changes and you MUST expand your knowledge.

A very dear friend of mine had gastric bypass years ago and he lost a lot of weight. He looked great for years but his eating habits were those of a 4 year old. He's as big as he was before. Ice cream for every meal will do that.

The most valuable part of my weight loss was the knowledge that I gained from Emory University Bariatric.

A good mechanic finds out the problem with your car, addresses and fixes that problem, looks for others and fixes those as well. A bad mechanic changes out your engine when all you needed was a tune up.

Most of us, and that includes you...just need a tune up.

11 February 2010

Do you know what I like least about winter?

Heavy comfort food and cold weather that keeps you inside.  Its a battle.  And it is a much bigger challenge this year with a colder than normal winter.  BOO HISS Cold weather go away.

Living in Decatur, which is 4 miles from Atlanta I am not used to this cold.  Hell I didn't even have a jacket (except for riding) until last week.  The gym is your friend in times like this.  Lifting and cardio all in one.  On that note.   I'm off to the gym.

25 January 2010

On Track to 210 in 2010

I'm back at 227.  Correcting bad behavior can be successful if you focus on the results and by doing what needs to be done.  Cutting your calories.  And making it a priority.  Like most people I get frustrated when My weight loss stalls.  And mine had.

2010 is the year I arrive.  I am happy with my weight loss and happy with my appearance.  But I have a specific goal I want to achieve.  The magic number is 210.  I am 17 pounds away.  And after OctoberFast I was even lower at 224. In the past I would say I'm not worried about 3 pounds.  And at 310, 3 pounds is not visible. At 227, you may not notice but I can.  And what I want to see is definition.

So how do I get to 210?  An eating plan like OctoberFast but more sustainable.  It works but it was not designed to be an ongoing eating plan.  I am including a free day a week.  For me its sunday.  This is not go get drunk and gorge yourself day.  It's eat what you want.  Have one or two of the things you otherwise can't have.  Example.  I don't eat white potatoes or cheese.  But sunday I can have them.  I do not consider this a cheat day however.  It's part of my eating plan. I'm also allowed to have wine, beer and liquor.  I don't usually limit alcohol except it must fit into my calorie plan for the day. Sunday- there is not calorie limit.  I mean you have to have brunch don'tcha?

17 January 2010

Being on the wagon works.

Six Plus pounds. In a week.  Excellent

10 January 2010

Wagons...falling off and getting back on

With the holiday season there is a very human tendency eat a little more than you should.  We eat richer foods, candy, chocolate, pies and cakes.  And if you are strong you can limit this either to a few meals, a few dinner parties or a week or so of bad eating before you tighten up and do the best thing.
But some of us kinda forget where we came from and let that get away from us.

December is a big food month for me.  My best friend's birthday is the end of November, my Mom's birthday is the first another close friends is the fifth and then the holiday parties start. Then there is my birthday on  the 20th and the celebration doesn't begin and end on that day.  Friends wanna take you out.  (thanks to everyone) and then there is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then a few days later we have New Years.  GOSH  TOO MUCH TEMPTATION.  

So what happened?  Well I was tempted and I enjoyed every second of it.  But I did not stop.  After the last party I just didn't stop and tighten up on my diet.  And it got bad. And I did not notice.  But a good friend did and I have to thank Carine for her one simple comment.  "Brian, are you falling off the Wagon?"

I didn't much pay attention to her comment as I was downing my last pint of chocolate stout and my monster cheesecake.

But the next morning as I got on the scale I noticed that I had gained a few pounds.  I have been floating around 230 for the last few months.  I got to 224 on October 31 but I was ok with 230-232. Five pounds is not that visible on me.  But the scale screamed 238.  And it screamed "WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING???"  I wanted to be 218 by now not 238.

So I thought about what I ate in just the day before.  And I could not believe what I ate... But here is the list...

Two lean porkchops
4 oz of egg beaters
two packets of instant grits
That was for breakfast and you know I am ok with that for a big breakfast

One McTed's Burger (its something I made up  but think of a BigMac made with Bison)
French Fries (I'm sure i had some ranch to dip them in)
Ok that is what I call a splurge meal

Two oatmeal cookies (uncooked)  They are 340 calories a peice
One Mini Apple Crisp  (think apples and caramel sauce with nuts and icecream)
I had a sweet tooth

And then I was home and watching tv and I was not really hungry.

I must have had a sugar spike.  I was hungry so I decided to go to Taco Mac and have a salad and a beer.

Now I have had more food than a man should have in a day.
But I ordered anyway

Cup of chili
a Kenmore Burger
2 Chocolate Stouts (yummy Beer)
A Makers Mark Manhattan

and to top it all off

MONSTER CHEESECAKE with Chocolate and Caramel Syrup

and that is when Carine made her comment.


I am not proud.  But I'm not going to beat myself up for what I did.  I fell off the wagon.  The healthy wagon never leaves it waits for you.  And I crawled back in.

So I put myself on my clean eating plan.  I've been on it for two days and I have decided to stay on it until Superbowl Sunday.  February 7.  30 days of clean eating just like OctoberFast.

I have promised to be honest and transparent in my blog.  And that's about as transparent as I can be.

Wish me luck...